As the leading bottled water delivery service in Malaysia, Jantzen introduces our Bottled Dispenser Water that comes in Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water and Mineral Water, an ideal solution for your daily drinking water. Worry less as our bottled water can easily be carried by anyone, but it sure doesn’t empty too fast! Our Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water and Mineral Water are available for both 11L and 19L bottles, making them the perfect drinking water for your home and your office.

Best deal about it? You can get it delivered to your home in no time!

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Jantzen has been in the water delivery service industry as a market leader for over 20 years,  serving 5 gallon water delivery service to all the customer. What started in 1995 has over time grown and expanded, having over 10,000 corporate clients from across Malaysia. Sharing drinking water now is easier and faster with our delivery services covering both West and East Malaysia! 

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Everyone loves to stay hydrated, especially in the hot and humid weather in Malaysia. But why do you need drinking water delivery service right to your home?

It’s a simple and quick solution for your home, with no hassle to change filters every few months or having to shop and carry bulky water bottles every time! Having access to clean water is easy, but sometimes carrying the heavy packs of bottled water can be tiring. Big 19L bottles are great for businesses and offices, but they’re just not the best solution for your home, especially if you’re a woman living alone or with older people. 

Our 11L Bottled Dispenser Water comes with Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water and Mineral Water is designed to cater to everyone, weighing less than normal 19L bottled water, so you can easily carry it! This makes it a convenient drinking water solution for your home and your family! 

Even better, you can get a discount for your next bottle if you return your empty bottles! Jantzen Water Delivery is the best water delivery service for home for the Malaysian people.


Different Taste for Different People. Our bottled water comes in three different types to cater to different Malaysian taste buds! 

Drinking Water (R.O)

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Reverse Osmosis (RO) water uses scientific methods to remove impurities and dissolved solids, giving you a clean and refreshing taste. Worry less with this incredibly safe and refreshing water option.

Mineral Water

3 Min

 Mineral water is a great way to stay hydrated with fresh, clean water while also adding value to every sip. Thanks to its natural, therapeutic substances, it provides you with nutrients while you hydrate.

Distilled Water Water

2 Min

Our unique distilled water process eliminates all impurities, providing you with the safest and purest water that can be safely consumed by humans or used in laboratory work.

The Only Water You Need For
Your Home & Your Office


Jantzen believes in delivering water for everyone! That is why we have come out with a variety of bottled water for different occasions and locations! 

11L Bottled Water 

  • Perfect for your home
  • Easy to carry & refill
  • Accessible anytime

19L Bottled Water

  • Perfect for your office
  • Delivery right to your door
  • Cater to everyone with 3 types of water
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Never Run Out Of Water, The Easy Way.


The Jantzen Replenishment Plan encourages a healthy, easy, and cost-saving lifestyle for you by delivering our bottled drinking water solutions right to your doorsteps! 

01 Sign Up

Sign up for a Jantzen Replenishment Plan to get your 11L and 19L bottles alone, or get them bundled with a water dispenser, and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

02 Get Hydrated

Stay hydrated and share the goodness of your high-quality drinking water with your loved ones, either at home or in the office, as our bottles are compatible with most water dispensers.

03 Replenish

Request a delivery online when you run out of drinking water and return your empty bottles to get a special price rebate and save money for your next purchases!

04 Repeat

Repeat the order anytime you need it! Enjoy a healthy, hassle-free, and eco-friendly lifestyle with your supply of drinking water for you and your loved ones.


Jantzen is a local Malaysian brand that aims to provide the best safe and clean drinking water solution to everyone across Malaysia and anywhere, including the whole of West Malaysia. We don’t only guarantee you fresh drinking water but also a hassle-free service for your drinking convenience.
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The Eco-Friendly Water Solution


Jantzen bottles don’t end up in the landfill like other brands. Instead, we encourage our customers to return the empty bottles for special rebate.

Returned bottles are inspected for any damage or degradation. After thorough inspections, damaged bottles are sent to a green recycling facility to ensure proper disposal.

If they are in perfect condition, they go through the same cleaning process as our brand new bottles. They are thoroughly washed and then rinsed both outside and inside, using hot water and food-safe detergent, so they are sterile and ready to be reused safely.

They are finally filled with drinking water and packed for delivery, providing a new bottle of clean drinking water for you and your loved ones!

Our Customers

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Type of Water Dispenser

When it comes to choosing the best suited water dispenser for your space, you have a lot of things to consider. At Jantzen, we believe that the best design is efficient and effective—but not everything should fit all spaces. That’s why we provide you with options for various spaces, functions, and effectivity.