19l Bottle
Save Time and Money

19L Bottle

If you get it yourself from a supermarket, it takes too much time, too often. And you have better things to do than water runs. If you get it delivered, they often don’t bring it all the way to your office. You still have to get them inside… and those bottles are usually huge and heavy.

We are here to solve your problem.

Why 19L Bottle?

Your Office Drinking Water

You have better things than worry about drinking water for your staff.
So let us take care of it, hassle-free.

Jantzen’s 19L bottle is the premium choice for office water. Plenty of high-quality water for your office needs, at an affordable price, delivered as needed right to your doorstep. Plus, the empties don’t end up in a landfill.
Water that’s pure. filtered. Unpolluted.

Water Variety

Different kinds of water, with different kinds of taste.

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Drinking Water (R.O)

Clean and fresh tasting water, RO water uses scientific methods to remove impurities and dissolved solids.
The result? An incredibly safe, always refreshing water option.
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Mineral Water

Taking purified water to the next level, Mineral water is fortified with natural, therapeutic substances that add value to every sip. This is a delightful, tasty way to replenish the body with fresh, clean water.

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Distilled Water

The safest and most pure water option, our unique Distilled water process eliminates all impurities. This water is so clean it can be safely consumed by humans or used in laboratory work.

Making our clients happy, one bottle at a time


A leader in that Malaysian water delivery industry, Jantzen offers only the best water to every customer.

Never Run Out Of Water, The Easy Way.


At Jantzen, we make supplying your home or office with water simple. With our replenishment plans, you get your watered delivered to your doorstep, without hassle, and saving money. Never worry about water again!

01 Join

Join a Jantzen Plan and get your 11L/19L bottles, either a la carte or bundled with a water dispenser, delivered directly to your doorstep.

02 Drink

Drink your high-quality water, at home or in the office. Our bottles are compatible with most water dispensers.

03 Replenish

When you run out, request a delivery online. Return us your empty bottles to get a price rebate and save money.

04 Repeat

Repeat every time you need it! Your supply of drinking water is now completely hassle-free and eco-friendly.

The Eco-Friendly Water Solution


With Jantzen, your empties don’t end up in a landfill.

Once we collect empty bottles from our customers, they are first checked for signs of damage or degradation. If there is any sign of that, they are sent to a green recycling facility.

If they are in perfect condition, they go through the same cleaning process as our brand new bottles do. They are thoroughly washed and then rinsed both outside and inside, using hot water and food-safe detergent, so they are sterile and ready to be reused safely.

Lastly, they are filled with drinking water and packed for delivery, straight to your door.

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At Your Fingertips


Table Top Dispenser

Tabletop Dispenser

Our tabletop dispenser is designed to fit comfortably on a table or a countertop, making it perfect for use in your home or a small office kitchen. It’s made of durable plastic, sturdy, and easy to keep clean.

It provides ambient temperature water for drinking and hot water for instant teas, coffee, soups.


Full Height Dispenser

Our full height dispenser is designed to serve your office or store needs. It’s easy to clean and sturdy, and its stainless steel storage container keeps the water safe to drink and odor-free.

It provides both hot water, perfect for instant tea, coffee, soups, as well as refreshing cold temperature water, perfect for drinking.

Our Clients:
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19L Bottles + Dispenser

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