About Jantzen

Jant Marketing Sdn. Bhd. was established in year 1997 with the vision of providing hassle free customer experience for your drinking water supply needs.

At Jant Marketing Sdn. Bhd. We keep our six corporate core values to heart which are: Focus on customers, Promote teamwork, Continuous improvements, Development of employee, Passion for quality and Developing of management systems. The Jantzen brand, is the product of all this six core values combined, preached and though t to all of our employee no matter their rank or seniority.

We strongly believe in these core values that this has become part of us – our Jantzen corporate culture. Any future plans and development for our company will be forged alongside these Jantzen principles.

Our management also strongly believe in using Information Technology (IT) to drive our business.

We believe that only with IT we are able to provide the best customer experience as without we cannot imagine how to are able to serve our 12,000 customers to date.

IT runs deep in our blood that we have built IT systems accordance to each department needs which helps each department solve individual department problems efficiently and effectively. In this new era, We are commit ourselves to constantly looking for new ways via IT to serve our customers better, providing better and faster communication – which is an essential part of our Research and Development program.

We as a green organisation also take waste seriously, no matter in any form. We believe that our organisation should be ran and managed as waste-proof as possible to be efficient in this competitive market that is why we have our own “Zero Waste Initiative” (ZWI) program in-house to promote attention to waste throughout our organization.

Our management have proceeded with multiple approach;

Such as bottle light weighting to reduce the plastic necessary in each PET bottle for one time usage, e-billing approach to save on paper as well as design effective delivery routine to reduce the carbon footprint of each product delivered.

Rest assured that the means to reduce waste will never cross our core values to provide the best customer experience, Our waste reducing challenge is always ongoing – this is our effort to reduce the burden on the environment and contribute to a greener society.

Last but not least, Our company focus our attention to trust and teamwork amongst ourselves in the company neglecting rank, seniority nor race. This is the sole reason why Mutual Trust and Respect (MTR) program was spearheaded.

Our goal of getting to know every employee in the company and working together, embracing each team member strength and weakness is to create a harmonious working environment – hence, an easy and smooth customer experience.

Our MTR program aims to also inculcate good moral values in our organization through team building activities, charity drives as well as social gathering. All in all, this is what makes us special to be a part of Jantzen.

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