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About Us

We’re proud of
serving over 50,000
customers daily since
1994, all over Malaysia.

This track record of success demonstrates
our ability to consistently provide high-quality service
and value to our clients.

Success is not a secret.
It's the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

Jantzen was founded with a simple goal: To provide accessible, clean drinking water to the Malaysian community.

Founder of the Jantzen Group, Vincent Yee first noticed that it was difficult to come by clean drinking water on-the-go. Many people were required to carry their own drinking water when they leave home. It was then that Malaysia underwent an economic boom, offering an opportunity for Malaysia’s growth yet access to clean drinking water was not set in stone. He then decided to embark on a journey with Jantzen with the aim of providing clean drinking water to the Malaysian community hassle-free and thus, Jantzen was born.

Jantzen has a long history of producing high quality drinking water in Malaysia. In 1996, Jantzen had merely 5 employees in an office in Ampang, bottling an average of 300 bottles of 19 liter reverse osmosis drinking water every day. Jantzen relocated to the Puchong Industrial Estate where larger production space was provided and machineries were upgraded to meet the increasing demands of Malaysians in need of fresh drinking water. Jantzen also brought in a touch of IT into the business, making it easier for our consumers to purchase our products.

As we continue to grow, we remain committed to our core values: quality, service and innovation.

Jantzen, a name that has been synonymous with quality for decades. In November 2002, Jantzen obtained the KKM 163 (52/B/23) license from the Malaysian Ministry of Health. This feat was closely followed by the awarding of an ISO 9001:2000 certificate by SIRIM QAS International in April 2005, which helped to further emphasize on Jantzen’s faith in creating high quality products while providing top notch services for our consumers.

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Produces up to hundred thousand bottles of drinking water every single day

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Serving over thousand of  customers daily

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We only give our best services to tend to all needs of our customers as closely possible.

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Latest Information Technology System improving logistic and servicing customer system.

Drinking water is an essential part of our daily lives. It helps us stay healthy, hydrated and energized. But drinking water isn’t just about quenching your thirst – it’s also about the quality of the water you drink.

Jantzen has been providing Malaysia with safe drinking water since 1994. We were one of the first companies to offer door-to-door delivery of fresh drinking water, and today we continue to be one of Malaysia’s most trusted providers of osmosis drinking water.

Today, Jantzen produces up to 500 thousand bottles of osmosis drinking water to over 25,000 customers daily. Our convenient delivery system coupled with a reliable maintenance service has effectively made our brand one of Malaysia’s top drinking water delivery service providers.

We are proud and thankful for our success today – owing much to Malaysians who believe in the importance of clean and fresh drinking water that is safe to consume; specifically, Jantzen. We strive to continuously be Malaysia’s top drinking water delivery service provider – bringing you not just fresh drinking water but also a hassle-free service to every one of every need

Our Customers

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Vision & Mission

When Mr. Vincent Yee founded Jantzen, he had a simple dream:

To serve the entire Malaysian community by providing hassle-free, easily accessible, environmentally friendly, quality drinking water.

He believed that every single person deserves access to these basic necessities, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. And today, we continue to stay true to his spirit by working toward one day becoming one of the largest providers of clean drinking water around Malaysia—making it accessible to Malaysian wherever they go.

Core Value


our goal to make sure our customers always feel welcome at Jantzen. We have a real passion for our work, but we also care about each other as people—and that makes all the difference!


the excitement we bring to our work every day. We are always ready and willing to learn more, try new things, and help our team members succeed.


It's about doing what needs to be done when it needs to get done—and doing it well. We take responsibility for everything from keeping up with new technology to making sure our customers are happy with their purchases.


Being open-minded enough to create something new, even when everyone else thinks it's impossible! We don't just strive for excellence, but try to go above and beyond your expectations every time.


The willingness to put in the hard work and effort to be the best we can be. We believe in being passionate about work, and that it shows in the quality of what we do.


It means putting our heart into everything we do—for you. We're dedicated to working hard and creating a positive experience for everyone.

History Timeline

The history of Jantzen is long and storied. We’ve been around for centuries now, and we’re still going strong!


Jantzen launches it’s first 19L water bottled product into the market, handled by a headcount of 5 staffs in a small office in Ampang.


Becomes one of the largest water manufacturers in the drinking water industry, servicing over 1,000 customers daily.

About Us (2022)


From Ampang moves to Puchong, bigger office and factory to serve more customers. Upgrades all RO machinery to meet higher demands of drinking water industry.


Introduces the Information Technology System into the business.


Jantzen successfully obtains the KKM 163 (52/B/23) from the Malaysian Ministry of Health.


Jantzen launches the Cup Water product, a revolutionary product in the drinking water industry that brings better convenience to consumers.


Jantzen was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certificate by SIRIM QAS International.


Jantzen officially launches the Bacteria Free Water Purification System.


Awarded with the MESTI Certification by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) for extraordinary maintenance in hygiene and process control.

2013 - 2015

Introduces PET Bottled Water Mineral water of 350ml, 600ml and 1.5L, as well as the 6L size.


Achieves delivery of up to 100,000 bottles of mineral water monthly and servicing up to 20,000 accounts daily.


Awarded as super brand 2018/2019 Malaysia, super brand only offered to the most outstanding brands in their field.


A Big Upgradation of Information Technology System 2.0, improving logistic and servicing customer system. Launches bottom loading and touch screen dispenser into the market same year.


We're proud to announce that Jantzen have expanded delivery service to cover all of west Malaysia.

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