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Why Use Water Purifier?

Why use water purifier? To many people, the idea of using a water filter before utilizing water from your main pipeline seems like a redundant process. After all, doesn’t all water coming from our taps pass through a heavily monitored and regulated water purification...

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Top 10 Reasons why you should drink mineral water daily

The Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water People try to avoid spending money on buying mineral water for drinking purpose. Have you ever thought about the benefits that drinking it in your daily routine can be bestowed on your health? Health comes first because it...

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What is Jantzen Water?

What is Jantzen Water? At Jantzen, we pride ourselves as the only water distributor in Malaysia that runs on automated systems to provide our customers with convenient access to clean and safe water. Jantzen Water have various water to suit your taste.Reverse Osmosis...

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What are the Benefits of Drinking Hot Water?

What are the Benefits of Drinking Hot Water?Whether we admit it or not, we are biological. At times, it might feel like we are special and that we transcend our surroundings, but the reality is that we are limited by flesh and blood. Consequently, our physical and...

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Water Service Near Me

Water Service Near Me There are many achievements as well as challenges for water supply and sanitation in Malaysia.Through section reforms in 2006, the government has shown a commitment to “make the water sector more efficient, to create a sustainable funding...

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Water Delivery in Malaysia

Water Delivery in Malaysia Tap water in Malaysia is not always of the best quality for drinking. Pipes that transport the water to taps are sometimes old and rusted, contaminating the water with heavy metals and disease-causing pathogens.Boiling and filtering tap...

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