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Drinking Water in the Morning on an Empty Stomach

Drinking Water in the Morning on an Empty StomachWater is necessary for life to survive. It was in water that life first came to be millions of years ago and even today life depends on water.Water makes up about 60% of the total body mass in humans. Our blood,...

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Does Showering Hydrate Your Skin?

Does Showering Hydrate Your Skin?You might think that if your body is dehydrated, it will try and absorb water anyway it can; that standing in the shower will make your skin soak up water like a sponge. But this is not the case. One of the main functions of the skin...

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Does Drinking Water in the Morning Help?

Does Drinking Water in the Morning Help? This is another one you might have seen someone share or heard someone swear by; drinking water in the morning as part of your daily routine will help ensure you start your day right.After all, even top business leaders like...

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Different Types of Drinking Water in Malaysia

Different Types of Drinking Water in Malaysia The major portion of Malaysia’s piped water comes from surface water bodies like lakes while a small portion comes from groundwater.Before the water is piped to homes for household uses like drinking, cooking, bathing, and...

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Bottled water vs boiled water

Bottled water vs boiled waterIt is rare for a person to stop and think about the water he/she is drinking. Normally, a person turns on a tap, fills a glass of water and finishes by drinking the water.People don’t think about how safe the water that they’re drinking is...

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Benefits for Drinking Water for Weight Loss

DRINKING WATER for Weight LosS Aside from being essential for life, water has many other health benefits. Among these benefits is its ability to aid in weight loss. Of course, water has zero calories, so a diet of only water will make you lose weight, but that is not...

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