Bottled Water VS Boiled Water

Boiled Vs Bottled

It is rare for a person to stop and think about the water he/she is drinking. Normally, a person turns on a tap, fills a glass of water and finishes by drinking the water. People don’t think about how safe the water that they’re drinking is because of many reasons. Maybe they’ve been drinking water […]

How Much Water Should You Drink?

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As a rule of thumb, we’re often told to drink about two liters or eight 8oz glasses of water a day. While this is a good rule to follow to ensure that you are not getting dehydrated, actual water requirements can vary based on a lot of factors. Under normal circumstances, the two liters are […]

The Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water

Drinking Mineral Water

People try to avoid spending money on buying mineral water for drinking purpose. Have you ever thought about the benefits that drinking it in your daily routine can be bestowed on your health?