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Jantzen is not only about selling the finest water but also about providing personalized items that carry your very own label. Custom label bottled water is the perfect promotional item for your business, organization or event.

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Type of bottles + Water

 Looking for a new, creative way to promote your business or organization? Custom labeled water bottled can set you apart from the competition. 


RO Water


RO Water


Mineral Water


Mineral Water


How Does It Help You?

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1 month production time

Customization takes time and effort. Once your artwork is confirmed, allow us 1 month to get your custom branded bottles bursting ready with hydrating goodness.

Delivery to your doorstep

We follow our service through to the end to help you serve your customers better. No troublesome trips to pick up your order.

Clean & Safe

A basic but important need that we take care of with big filters…lots of big filters.

own brand on our bottles

Treat your clients to refreshments that they’ll remember you for. All we need is some artwork from your brand to work with, then we get bottling!

* Terms and Condition apply*

Commit as much as you want

Whether a one-off event, or a long term service you’re providing to clients, we give you the flexibility to work with us for only as long as you want, no lock-in periods. 

Halal Certified

Cross-contamination is always a concern with food and beverages. Your Muslim customers can rest assured as our water is Halal certified to meet their needs.

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