Drinking Water for Weight Loss

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Aside from being essential for life, water has many other health benefits. Among these benefits is its ability to aid in weight loss. Of course, water has zero calories, so a diet of only water will make you lose weight, but that is not how water for weight loss works.

The great thing about including water in your weight loss plan is that you can consume other foods, but with a little help from some good quality aqua, you will be eating less and burning calories more effectively. So, if you want to learn the secret to how water helps you lose weight, read on.

Here is how water can help you to lose weight

Suppresses appetite:

Water can fill your stomach so if you drink a couple of glasses of water before your meals you will actually end up eating less. Studies have shown that every time you drink water before a meal you consume about 75 calories less than usual. In the long term, this can help you lose quite a bit of weight.

Set a reminder to drink water before every meal and in about three weeks, you will form a new habit of it. In less than a month drinking water before meals will become second nature to you and you will be well on your way to consuming fewer calories.

Many times we confuse thirst with hunger and end up snacking. If we were thirsty and not hungry, a couple of glasses of water will satisfy us and quell the hunger pangs.

Metabolism boost:

When our bodies experience a sudden drop in temperature it immediately jumps into action to warm itself up. The best way to get warm is to burn fat. When we drink cold water, the body has to burn brown fat to warm it up. As the brown fat or good fat levels drop in the body, white fat gets converted to brown fat and starts getting used up to generate heat. The white fat is where we store excess calories and the type of fat that we are constantly trying to get rid of.

The best weight-loss drink:

Green tea, green juices, and a whole lot of other drinks are advertised as great for weight loss, but at the end of the day, there is no better drink than water. Water keeps you hydrated, it cleanses the body of toxins, and as mentioned earlier it has zero calories. If you replace energy drinks, fruit juices, sodas, etc. with water your overall calorie consumption will drop and you will lose weight.

Stamina boost:

When we work out at the gym we sweat and after a while, start to feel fatigued. Sweating causes dehydration, which robs us of energy. If we drink water regularly during our workout, we can keep our muscles hydrated and keep going for longer. The more time we spend working out, the more fat we burn and the more muscle we build. By just adding water to your workout, you can become more toned in a shorter amount of time.

Better digestion:

Having a few glasses of water first thing in the morning helps to kick-start your digestive processes and clear your bowels. Water helps to treat constipation so that the body can get rid of undigested food clearing up your digestive tract. A clear digestive tract absorbs nutrition better keeping you feeling full for longer. Being satisfied for longer after a meal prevents snacking and sugar cravings, which helps you to lose weight.


Water helps the liver and kidneys to remove toxins from the blood and send them out of the body through urine. Drinking enough of water in the day ensures that the kidneys and liver function normally allowing the body to function at optimal levels. When the body is free of toxins, we feel more energetic and are more active. Being active helps us burn calories and lose weight.

How much should you drink for weight loss?

The easiest rule to follow is to drink eight 8oz glasses of water a day, which equals to two liters totally. This is a good rule to follow if you don’t sweat often and are mostly sedentary during the day. However, if you are very active during the day, working out or spending time in the sun, you will need to drink more water. When you are trying to lose weight, you should try to consume at least three to four liters of water per day.

How much weight can you lose by drinking water?

By drinking water before a meal, you can reduce your calorie intake by 13% or by 75 calories. By drinking water before three meals every day, you can reduce your daily calories intake by over 200 calories. At the rate of 200 calories a day, you can lose up to 2Kgs of weight in twelve weeks. While 2Kgs in three months does not seem like a lot, keep in mind that this weight loss is solely from increasing your water intake and drinking water before each meal.

To gain the maximum benefit from using water for weight loss, it is advisable to combine drinking more water with a healthier lifestyle. Water already helps you to cut down on your calories consumption, but it is also important to eat the right types of food. By cutting out junk and processed food and adding more fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet, you will lose a lot more weight faster.

Drinking extra water gives you an energy boost and improves metabolism when you combine these benefits with a daily exercise routine your weight loss journey will be speeded up.

Research has shown that we gain weight at the rate of 1.45Kg every four years – and as we get older, our metabolism slows down making it harder for us to lose the extra weight. When you look at these statistics, it makes sense to prevent the weight gain altogether and to drink enough water even if you are not trying to lose weight.

Remember to always keep a bottle of drinking water handy for better health.

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