Drinking Water in the Morning on an Empty Stomach

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Water is necessary for life to survive. It was in the water that life first came to be millions of years ago and even today life depends on water.

Water makes up about 60% of the total body mass in humans. Our blood, intracellular fluids, cerebrospinal fluid, lymph, etc. all require water to be able to sustain the proper levels.

If we don’t drink enough water in the day, we start to feel thirsty and after a point, we get weak and unable to function normally. Dehydration can make us dizzy and even pass out because the body cannot function without enough water. And while it doesn’t matter when you drink water as long as you are having enough, studies have shown that drinking water at certain times helps the body absorb it faster.

When is the best time to drink water?

One of the best times to have a few glasses of water is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Here are some of the benefits you enjoy when you drink water on an empty stomach:

    1. When you drink water on an empty stomach, it only takes a few minutes to reach the large intestines or colon where it is absorbed by the body. If you drink water after a meal, it has to wait its turn behind your food before it gets a chance to reach the colon and get absorbed. One of the main advantages of drinking water on an empty stomach is that the body can absorb it a lot faster.
    2. Drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach helps to clear out the bowels. Because the water goes straight to the colon, it stimulates the bowels and aids you in having a good motion to clean out your insides. Water first thing in the morning can also help alleviate constipation.
    3. While we sleep, the liver is actively removing toxins from our blood. These toxins are a byproduct of our cellular functions and the cells deposit this waste into the circulatory system. The liver purifies the blood and holds the toxins. Drinking water first thing in the morning helps our bodies to flush out these toxins and get rid of them.
    4. If we have been asleep for about six to eight hours, then we have not had any water to drink during that whole time. Our bodies are very dehydrated when we wake up. Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning helps to hydrate the body and kick start all our functions waking us up on the inside. Dehydration slows down our blood circulation which is why we sometimes feel very sluggish when we wake up. A couple of glasses of water in the morning can correct the problem giving us a boost of energy.
    5. We already know that drinking water on an empty stomach activates the bowels and get the circulation going but these two actions lead to another great benefit. Drinking water on an empty stomach helps to boost our bodies’ metabolism to that we burn calories more effectively. A better metabolism, in turn, leads to weight loss.
    6. When our blood is circulating through our body effortlessly and the toxins are regularly being disposed of, our immunes system starts to function better. With resources saved by not needing to protect the body from its own byproducts, the immune system can now concentrate on defending the body from external invaders like bacteria and viruses.
    7. Dehydration brings with it a whole host of other problems one of them being severe headaches. If we get severely dehydrated during the night, we could spend the whole day suffering from a bad headache. Drinking water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning helps to quickly and effectively hydrate the body warding off headaches and migraines.
    8. Breakfast is a very important meal because after a gap of eight to ten hours of not eating anything out blood sugar levels are very low. However many people find it difficult to work up an appetite first thing in the morning because our digestive system has slowed down. A glass of water when waking up helps to kick-start the digestive system by getting our bowels moving. This helps us get our appetite back so that we can enjoy a healthy breakfast. With our blood sugar levels up again we have the energy to tackle the day.
    9. When drinking water on an empty stomach clears out the toxins from the body, it has a number of other effects as well. One of the benefits is clear glowing skin. Toxin build up in the body makes skin look dull and listless but when the body is clear of toxins skin starts to glow. Well-hydrated skin also looks healthy, soft and smooth.
    10. The quick intake of water when had on an empty stomach can also help to improve the health of hair. A well-hydrated body is good for stronger, healthier hair.

How much water should I drink in the morning?

Japanese water therapy proposes four glasses of 160ml each when you wake up in the morning and before you brush your teeth. That is equal to a total of 640ml, other studies have shown that you should drink about 1 liter of water when you wake up. Going by these two schools of thought we say that between 600-1000ml of water in the morning will work wonders for you.

Don’t despair if you don’t think it is possible to drink that much water first thing in the morning, you don’t have to start with a full 600ml. Start by drinking one 200ml glass of water and increase that to two gradually. Soon you will be able to drink at least three glasses of water in the morning if not five.

After you have had your glasses of water, make sure not to eat anything for the next 45 minutes and give your body a chance to absorb all the water.

Did you know that something as simple as a few glasses of water at the start of each day could prove to be a miracle drug?

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