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Promotion Package

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RO Water Package

Package Selection Included

Cupwater (48cups / Carton): RM12
250ml (24 bottles / Carton): RM10
500ml (24bottles / Carton): RM12
1.5L (12 bottles / Carton): RM12


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Mineral Water Package

Package Selection Included

RM100 For 8 Cartons
350ML (24 bottles / Carton)
600ml (24 bottles / Carton)
1.5L (12 bottles / Carton)



Price: RM100

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Red Package

Package Included

– One unit of Zale dispenser
– 5 Bottles of 11L RO Water (For First Delivery)
– 25 Bottles of 11L RO Water Coupons (Redeem upon request)
– 2 Cartons of 350ml Mineral water

Product Information

A stylish, durable plastic cabinet dispenses cold and hot water from the Zale dispenser water cooler. Perfect for making hot tea, instant soups, or beverages, the hot water is just right.

– Hot and cold water dispenser
– Hot Temperature 80°C – 90°C
– Cold Temperature 5°C – 10°C
– Tank Capacity – 1.1L (Hot)
– Power Supply AC 240V
– 1 Year Warranty period


Price: RM599

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White Package

Package Information

Ocean smart touch control features a beautiful flush design as well as cutting-edge functionality. To dispense water, press the hot and cold water buttons on the smart touch control display. A child lockout function is also included in the smart touch controls, which prevents any accidental dispensing.

Product Information

+ 1 unit of Ocean Dispenser 
+ 1 Year of Periodic Service 
+ 1 Year of Maintenance Program 
+ 1 Year of Product warranty 
+ 1 Year of Sanitation Service 
+ Waived Installation Charges 
+ Waived Rental Registration Fee (RM400) 


Previously: RM180/Monthly

Price: RM150/Monthly


  • Promotion valid from 13th September 2021 to 1st October 2021 (Last order)
  • Promotion delivery will starts from 15th September 2021 to 6th October 2021
  • Payment before delivery
  • Free delivery within Klang Valley, subject to our delivery schedule (any special arrangement out of delivery routine will be charged accordingly.) 
  • The delivery of goods is limited to a single location or premise ( Extra charges will apply if any additional delivery location requested)  
  • Goods will be delivered within 3-7 business days of the order being placed or confirmed, subject to the delivery schedule. Availability is determined by first come, first served. 

    Red Package

  • Redeeming water is valid for one year from the date of initial delivery.
  • Unredeemed water is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash if it expires.
  • The package includes the purchase of five(5) empty Jantzen 11L bottles. If you wish to close your account at any point, Jantzen will buy back the empty Jantzen 11L bottles for RM10 each if deemed usable by other Jantzen customers. 
  • Internal components of the dispenser are covered by a one-year warranty. External spare parts that are replaced as a result of the user’s negligence will be charged accordingly. 
  • After the warranty period has expired, charges for dispenser repair will apply. A minimum of RM80.00 per dispenser will be charged for maintenance. Replacement of spare parts will be charged according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 
  • The minimum order quantity for the initial delivery is five (5) bottles; subsequent deliveries will be based on a one-to-one exchange of empty bottles. If the customer confirms that they have more than five bottles on hand, they will be charged RM 20/bottle for the bottle purchase in addition to the price of water charge. 
  • Minimum order quantity of four (4) bottles per delivery is required for replenishment. 
  • This is only applicable to customers experiencing delivery issues (i.e., including but not limited to, absence of front desk personnel to receive the delivery, unavailability during office hours, and delivery refusal without prior notification, for example). Jantzen reserves the right to suspend water delivery if any issue arises (including, but not limited to, the issues listed above).
  • After the voucher expires, a 5% SST will be applied to any subsequent purchases of Jantzen 11L RO drinking water.


    White Package
  • Jant Marketing Sdn Bhd will not be held liable for any losses caused by the customer’s carelessness, including property damage, missing equipment, pipe joins burst due to pressure caused by Syabas and flooding caused by the owner’s water tank, and any damages to the customer’s office and pantry.
  • Loss or damage to dispensers will be charged at RM3200.00 per unit, and Jant Marketing Sdn Bhd will retain ownership of the Purification System. 
  • Installation charges include a tap fitting and ten metres of pipe, as well as labour to connect the 8mm piping to their dispenser from the water tap source. 
  • The Maintenance Service Program is limited to the replacement of filters and internal spare parts. 
  • Kindly allow seven (7) business days for installation to be scheduled based on the date of confirmation from the application form.
  • Our professional technician will inspect the office, factory, building, or residence, as well as any other pertinent property, to ensure there is a water faucet, power outlet, and drainage. Technicians will consult with customers to determine the best location for dispensers to ensure optimal water flow and placement.
  • JANT MARKETING SDN BHD is not liable for any damages resulting from the relocation of previously installed equipment at the customer’s request. 
  • When a closed account is collected, the dispenser deposit will be forfeited or charged based on the condition of the dispenser.  
  • There are no refunds on installation fees. 
  • Optionally, ownership will be transferred after four years, based on the date of installation. 
  • Jantzen may from time to time amend these terms and conditions.  
  • If a customer cancels an account after making full payment and prior to the expiration date, Jant Marketing Sdn Bhd will not refund any unused rentals. 
  • A contract of at least one year is required. Early cancellation will result in a charge for the remainder of the contract period’s rentals. 

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