500ml Mineral Water Carton


While we can’t always be there to satisfy your thirst, we do want you to have the best of everything. That’s why we offer Jantzen Mineral Water.

Jantzen Mineral Water is natural mineral water mined from an underground source, so it’s both natural and healthy for you. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that benefit your body.

– 24 bottles in a carton

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Don’t settle for a boring glass of water. Get extra sips of Jantzen mineral water, and you’ll be rehydrated in no time!

Jantzen is a natural mineral water that’s been mined from an underground source and contains lots of vitamins and minerals that benefit your body. It’s great for taking with you, lunchtime, or filling the fridge.

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– 24 bottles of 500ML Mineral Bottled Water

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