1 Unit of Gray Purifier + 1 Year of Maintenance Service

Offices or your whole family can enjoy the simply delicious taste of Jantzen water with the Jantzen Water Purifier Le’Gray.
Gray Water Purifier offers instant access to ice cold, ambient, and piping hot purified water with the push of a button. Enjoy a cool, refreshing glass of water or prepare your favorite hot or chilled beverages, soups, or oatmeal with ease.



Package Included

– 1 Unit of Gray Water Purifier
– 1 Year of Periodic Service
– 1 Year of Maintenance Program
– 1 Year of Product warranty
– 1 Year of Sanitation Service
– Waived Installation Charges
– No Deposit Fee

Below shown is the schedule of changes of filters and product sanitation & dispenser function checking: –

Filter 1 – Sediment PP Filter Every 3 months 
Filter 2 – Carbon Filter Every 6 months 
Filter 3 – Silver Carbon Filter Once a year
Filter 4 – UF Membrane Once a year

Dispenser Feature

– Quality Water
– Easy To Use
– 10 Inch Filters System
– Child Safety Lock
– 3 Options Water Temperature
– Power Supply AC 220V
– Tank Capacity Hot (1L) x Cold (1L)
– Temperatures Capacity Hot (80°C) x Cold (<4°C)

Terms & Conditions

  • Jant Marketing Sdn Bhd is not liable for any damages caused by careless handling or negligence by customers including, but not limited to: vandalism on product lost equipment, burned dispensers, pipe join burst from pressure caused by Syabas, flooding caused by owner’s water tank, any damages caused to customer’s office and pantry, etc.
  • The installation comprises a tap fitting & pipes of 10mtr length & labor charges to fix the 8mm piping to their dispenser from the water tap source.
  • Maintenance Service Programme* comprises changing of filters & internal spare parts only.
  • Kindly allow seven (7) working days for the arrangement of installation based on the date of confirmation from the application form.
  • Payment upon first before installation.
  • Our professional technician will view the premises of the office, factory, building, house, and other relevant property to ensure there is a water tap source, PowerPoint, and drainage. Technicians will consult customers on the best location for the installation of dispensers for better water flow and optimal placement.
  • JANT MARKETING SDN BHD is not liable for any damages caused by customer-requested relocation of previously installed equipment.
  • All installation charges are non-refundable.
  • The validity of these terms & conditions is subjected to the period of 30 days unless otherwise specified.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 50 cm