Toothed - Rental Plan


Rental 1 Unit of Toothed Water Purifier

The Toothed is a sleek looking water cooler with direct chill ice bank technology. Offers ideal water dispensing capacity for office and factories, it comes with a combination of cold, hot, and ambient water.



Below shown is the schedule of changes of filters and product sanitation & dispenser function checking: –

Filter 1 – Sediment PP Filter Every 3 months 
Filter 2 – Carbon Filter Every 6 months 
Filter 3 – Silver Carbon Filter Once a year
Filter 4 – UF Membrane Once a year

Dispenser Feature

– Quality Water
– Easy To Use
– 10 Inch Filters System
– 3 Options Water Temperature
– Power Supply AC 110V / AC 220V
– Tank Capacity Hot (5L) x Cold (3L)
– Temperatures Capacity Hot (90°C) x Cold (10°C)

Terms & Conditions

    • Jant Marketing Sdn Bhd is not liable for any damages caused by careless handling or negligence by customers including, but not limited to: vandalism on product lost equipment, burned dispensers, pipe join burst from pressure caused by Syabas, flooding caused by owner’s water tank, any damages caused to customer’s office and pantry, etc.
    • The installation comprises a tap fitting & pipes of 10mtr length & labor charges to fix the 8mm piping to their dispenser from the water tap source.
    • Maintenance Service Programme* comprises changing of filters & internal spare parts only.
    • Kindly allow seven (7) working days for the arrangement of installation based on the date of confirmation from the application form.
    • Payment upon first before installation.
    • Our professional technician will view the premises of the office, factory, building, house, and other relevant property to ensure there is a water tap source, PowerPoint, and drainage. Technicians will consult customers on the best location for the installation of dispensers for better water flow and optimal placement.
    • JANT MARKETING SDN BHD is not liable for any damages caused by customer-requested relocation of previously installed equipment.
    • All installation charges are non-refundable.
    • The validity of these terms & conditions is subjected to the period of 30 days unless otherwise specified.

Rental Unit Terms and Conditions

  • Rental unit – *loss and damages to dispensers will be charged at RM3000.00 per unit. Purification System will remain property of Jant Marketing Sdn Bhd.
  • Rental unit – *RM300 refundable deposit will be collected before delivery.
  • Rental unit – dispenser deposit will be forfeited or charged accordingly based on dispenser condition upon collection on a closed account.
  • Minimum 1-year contract. Early cancellation is subject to a charge of remaining rentals for the incomplete contract period.
  • In the event, a customer closes an account after full payment & before expiry, Jant Marketing Sdn Bhd will not refund any unutilized rentals.
  • Optional – Ownership transfer after 4 years of usage is based on installation date.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 30 × 43 × 104 cm