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Hari Raya is a time for forgiveness and of course the traditional kuih Raya. Now at Jantzen, just spend a minimum amount RM300 and you will get Limited Edition Rayaing Cookies. Best part is, you can order the package and have it delivered to anyone and anywhere in Klang Valley Malaysia.

Promotion Package

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Zaisara Homemade Cookies

Box Included

Biskut Cranberry Oat (85g / 12 keping)
Biskut Double Chocolate Cereal (85g / 12 keping)


Price: RM60 Sale Price: RM50

Jantzen Rayapromotion 07


Zaisara Homemade cookies

Package Included

Zaisara Homemade Cookies
Biskut Cranberry Oat (85g / 12 keping)
Biskut Double Chocolate Cereal (85g / 12 keping)

Mineral Water 350ml x 3 Packs (36 bottles)


Price: RM85 Sale Price: RM65
Gift For Friend


Air Air Package

Package Included

Buy 10 + Free 1 Cartons of Mix and Match RO Water Products

*Free carton will be only available for 500ml RO water*

Selection for 10 cartons (RO Water Products)
– 200ml RO Water (48 Cups / Carton)
– 250ml RO Water (24 Bottles / Carton)
​​​​​​​​​​​- 500ml RO Water (24 Bottles / Carton)
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​- 1.5l RO Water (12 Bottles / Carton)

Free gift will appear on the checkout page


Starting Price: RM100

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Premium Package

Package Included

The Zale dispenser hot & cold Water Cooler features a stylish, durable plastic cabinet that dispenses cold and hot water. The hot water is perfect for making hot tea, instant soups, or beverages. 

Product Information
– 5 Bottles of 11L RO Water (For First Delivery)
– 25 Bottles of 11L RO Water Coupons (Redeem upon request)
– 1 Unit of Zale Dispenser
– Hot and cold water
– Hot Temperature 80°C – 90°C
– Cold Temperature 5°C – 10°C
– Tank Capacity – 1.1L (Hot)
– Power Supply AC 240V
– 1 Year Warranty period


Price: RM699


  • Promotion valid from 19th April 2021 to 24th May 2021 (Last order)
  • Promotion delivery will starts from 26th April 2021 to 1st June 2021
  • Payment before delivery

    Premium Package
  • Water redemption is valid for 1 year from the date of first delivery
  • Water(s) that has not been redeemed is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash if expired.
  • Extensions of the expiry date from the date of issue will NOT be allowed.
  • The package includes the purchase of 5 empty Jantzen 11L bottles, at any time you would like to close your account, Jantzen would buy back the Jantzen 11L bottle at RM10 per bottle if deemed reusable.
  • The dispenser comes with a one (1) year warranty on internal parts. Replacement of external spare parts due to negligence will be charged accordingly.
  • Charges on the repair of the dispenser will be applied after the warranty period. A service fee of RM80.00 per dispenser will be charged as per service request, spare parts will be charged separately.
  • The minimum order for first delivery is five (5) bottles, replenishment will be based on one to one empty bottle exchange basis. Any addition of more than 5 bottles on hand will be charged RM20/bottle for the bottle purchase in addition to water charges of the latest prevailing rate upon customer confirmation.
  • Replenishment order minimum quantity of four  (4) bottles per delivery.
  • Only applies to customers with delivery issues (I.e. including but not limited to, absence of front desk personnel to receive the delivery, unavailability during office hours, and delivery refusal without refusal without prior notification.) Jantzen has the right to cease water if the delivery has any issue that arises (including but not limited to issues listed above) arise.
  • SST rate of 5% will be charged upon replenishment water plan for Jantzen 11L RO drinking water product.

    Air Air Package
  • Delivery of goods is only valid for 1 time to 1 location or premise.
  • Goods will be delivered 3-5 working days after the order is placed or confirmed and is subjected to the delivery routine. Availability based on a first come first serve basis.

Jantzen's Bottled Water Produces


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