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Looking For Water Purifier?

Great tasting water is no longer a delicacy. At Jantzen, we’re redefining water purifiers for Malaysians.

Our purifier filters out bacteria and other undesirable materials leaving behind a delicious glass of water for you and your customers.

Whether you currently don’t have a reliable water filter for your business, or you want to give your customers a better experience with delicious tasting water, the Jantzen purifier is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our purifiers are convenient, and our dedicated team offers a superior experience with every device we install.
Making our clients happy, one bottle at a time

What Makes the Jantzen Purifier Unique?

While there are plenty of purifiers on the market, ours is unlike any other because we offer better service, long-term maintenance, and an extremely low price. From the founding of our company, our number one focus was to make sure our customer is getting the best experience from our services. That means a refreshing glass of clean drinking water along with reliable services.

Best of all, you never have to think about whether your water is clean. You can consistently rely on us to keep your water supplied with the best purifier in Malaysia.

Never Run Out Of Water, The Easy Way.


At Jantzen, we make supplying your home or office with water simple. Nothing Complicated. Don’t believe? Try us!

Longer Filtration for Increased Safety

The Jantzen purifier comes with
a 10-inch filtration system, compared to only a 6inch filtration system with other devices. This enhances safety and the filtration process.
Better Price!

Our purifiers are significantly more affordable than others like it on the market, making them an easy decision for budget-conscious businesses in Malaysia.

Convenient Filtration Replacement

Worried about changing out your filtration components when the time comes? Worry no more! Our purifiers come with a new filtration change every 3 months! Unlike other water filtration providers, we do more than just remove the flashing of your device. We replace the entire filtration system to reduce bacteria and ensure great tasting water.

Regular Maintenance

In addition to our replacement services, we’ll also examine your device once every three months to make sure your dispenser is functioning its best!

Superior Customer Support

We firmly believe our customers deserve the best drinking water that’s free of bacteria and pollutants. That’s why we’ve designed our filtration system and dispensers according to the highest industry standards. From visiting your location once every 3 months just for maintenance to answering any questions you may have along the way, we strive for superior customer support for you!

Experience Jantzen First


Ready to give yourself clean and great tasting water? If so, it’s time to sign up for our 30-days trial for yourself!

For only RM20, we’ll install a dispenser at your location. The RM20 is solely for transportation costs and handling fees. You get the dispenser and filtration free of charge! Enjoy our Water Purifier for 30 days when you sign up!

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- Offer is only available for the Klang Valley area.

- Make sure your business has access to water sources such as a kitchen sink or indoor plumbing of any kind.

- We offer 1 installation per location per dispenser trial.

- The free trial shall last for a period of 30 days only. After the 30 days of free trial, charges will be applied based on the agreed selling price.

- All customers signing up for the free trial will be required to submit payment card details as part of the process, to allow automatic payments once the free trial period finishes.

- Customer(s) who do not want to continue the water purifier service after the free trial ends must declare the cancellation by submitting the cancellation water purifier trial plan form, 7 working days before the trial ends. Reminder emails will be sent 7 days before the first payment is due.

- Notice will be sent if the payment fails for any reason. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure payment details are correct to allow successful renewal payment.

- Jantzen reserves the right to remove or cancel the free trial offer at any time.

- Jantzen reserves the right to change the feature of the free trial offer at any time.

- Jantzen general Terms and conditions apply.

- Jantzen reviews all orders and reserves the right to deny or cancel water purifier packages/trial packages at any time and for any reason.

Our Models

Eliminates the need to boil water.
All you have to do is place the filter in your tap and enjoy clean, filtered water.
Gray Water Purifier


Gray is the ultimate in convenience, one-button filters out 100% of bacteria and viruses.

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Linked In Water Purifier

Linked In

The Best-Selling Water Purifier Is Now Enhanced With A Better Understanding Of Malaysian Needs.

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Le 039 Gray Water Purifier


Explore The Innovations On Le’Gray That Change How You Drink Your Water.

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Ocean Water Purifier


Newest Touch Screen Model In The Market. Unlimited Flow, Just One Touch.

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