Finding the best water dispenser in Malaysia can be difficult, given there are plenty of options to pick in the market. However, the best water dispenser is an efficient and resourceful water dispenser. That is why Jantzen provides the best options for water dispensers either at home or in the office!

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Ever since Jantzen began the journey to provide drinking water to everyone, we also aim to have the most cost-efficient and practical water dispenser. Water dispensers can vary depending on where it is located and who it serves. Office Water Dispenser caters to more people, and we have to ensure the efficiency is kept top-notch at all times.


Streamlined Design - Tabletop or Standalone Option Unit


Hot and Ambient or Hot and Cold Options

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Sharing Love With Family Through Hydration

Drinking clean water at home can be a hassle if you have a water filter that needs constant exchange after a few uses, and some cost more than what you can afford. Jantzen provides cost-effective water dispensers with water delivery, delivering bottled water right to your doorstep! Drinking and cooking now is so much easier and faster with Jantzen Home Water Dispenser!

All Age-Friendly

Compact Design


Hot and Ambient or Hot and Cold Options

Water Dispenser For Home and Office


When you think of drinking water, you would think of water dispensers. But do you know how it works? It’s easy with just 2-Steps!

  1. Plug-in your water dispenser.
  2. Press the faucet for instant access to hot or cold water!
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Sleek & Modern Water Dispenser Design
Choosing the best suited water dispenser for your space can be challenging when different interior design and practical purposes need to be considered. At Jantzen, we believe that the best design is efficient and effective, but that doesn’t mean one water dispenser should fit all types of spaces. 
That’s why Jantzen provides you with an option to pick from for various spaces, functions, and effectivity. With our sleek modern design, the water dispensers are sure to be the perfect accessory in the room!

Table Top Dispenser

Our tabletop water dispenser is designed for your kitchen countertop or table for the perfect use in your daily routine, providing ambient-temperature water for your daily drinking and hot water for your instant teas, coffees, or soups. The design is made of durable plastic, sturdy and easy to clean – perfect for your home or small office!

Now drinking and cooking have been made convenient and safe for you and your loved ones.

Full Height Dispenser

Our full-height dispenser is designed for your office pantry or store needs, providing both hot water for your daily dose of teas, coffees, or soups, and refreshing cold water for your daily drinking. The design is made with simple navigation, is easy to clean, sturdy, and the stainless steel storage container keeps your drinking water safe and odor-free!

Now drinking and serving your guests has been made safer and quicker.

Bottom Loading Dispensers

Our full-height bottom loading dispenser is designed to fit any space in your home or office without having the bottle in sight. It is designed to serve you instant ice-cold drinks or piping hot water for your teas, coffees, or soups. The sleek and clean-cut design is made to fit any space, complementing your home or office decor while keeping your drinking water safe and odor-free!

This is truly made and designed for people.


Jantzen is a local Malaysian brand that aims to provide the best safe and clean drinking water solution to everyone across Malaysia and anywhere, including the whole of West Malaysia. We don’t only guarantee you fresh drinking water but also a hassle-free service for your drinking convenience.

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Our Bottled Water Delivery

Our bottled water delivery service is a convenient option for you to enjoy clean and healthy drinking water at the comfort of your home. By using our bottled water delivery service, we make sure that the quality of our bottled water is always maintained and you get only the best quality of bottled water from us.

Frequently asked questions

Each model is different, so every water dispenser will have a different power consumption. But whatever the model, both the heating and cooling elements of each water cooler need a constant supply of electricity to keep the water nice and chilled or steaming hot. But, having a water dispenser at the ready is not a heavy energy-consumer.

In general, the main differences are that a water dispenser provides you clean and fresh water at the desired temperature, while a water purifier only provides you clean filtered water at room temperature to fit the requirement of your water.

While it is safe and well-secured that you can leave your water dispenser on all night long, however, if you wish to save energy consumption, it would be advisable to turn it off for the night and resume the power the next morning.