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Transform the way you drink, and connect with the world around you without spending wait time. Jantzen has already built the most convenient dispenser for the next generation.


What so special?

Nothing less than the most reliable water filtration dispenser

Based in Malaysia

Locally based, we’re fellow Malaysians who best understand Malaysian needs.

Regular Servicing

We’re clean freaks. You can count on us to change your water filters every 3 months to ensure your dispenser is always in tip top condition!

20 Years experience

Any question you have, any problem you face with a supply of clean water – we have an answer.

1 Year Contract

If you don’t want to continue with us, our contract period is relatively short, giving you greater freedom to choose a preferred service provider.

10-Inch Filters

Sometimes, size does matter! Our filters have a standard size of 10-inches to maximise our water’s safety over the usual 6-inch filters you find elsewhere.

Affordable Price

We’re a community company that prices competitively, so you get better, more reliable water at the best rates.

Fine water

Filtration Process

Discover how our service package is like


Featuring a 4-step purification system (through sediment PP, carbon, silver carbon, and hollow fibre membrane filters), Jantzen water dispensers ensure your water is always safe for consumption and daily uses. 

Can Do. With Jantzen

Top Models

A perfect balance of functionality and contemporary design. Jantzen water purifiers tie advanced, user-inspired technology with modern day features, so you can access great quality drinking water without compromising time and space.


Simply Powerful

Discover how easy to press a button for your needs.


Power To The Pro

For a better you.


Easy Way To Drink

Not just evolved but transformed the way you drink.


Why use delivery water service with Jantzen?



It reduces the use of single-use, individual plastic water bottles. Recyclable paper cups or even a reusable personal cup can be used when drinking water from a water dispenser.




Cold water on hot days and warm water on chilly days are both easily available from a water dispenser. Some water dispensers also have the ability to provide boiling hot water for making tea or coffee.



Clean and filtered water can be conveniently accessed anywhere at any time. A point of use water dispenser (Direct Pipe-In Dispenser) can be fitted to a pipeline and provide filtered water.



With the water dispenser cooling water, there is no need to use up space in the refrigerator to cool t.



Buying large size water bottles works out cheaper than buying large quantities of smaller bottles for single use.

Happy Customers

Every customer is special to us. They give a chance for us to deliver our mission of serving Malaysia for the better through our water and services.





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