What can plastics become?

One of the things that we as human beings do to improve our environment is recycling. Have you ever wondered what happens to plastics after it gets recycled?

Milk jugs and plastic containers like shampoo, laundry detergent and household cleaner bottles are usually made from a different type of plastic than beverage bottles.

When recycled, they make new bottles and containers, even plastic furniture or even playground equipment.

Plastic bags and bubble wraps are used ever so often in our daily lives, from carry our groceries to protecting the things we buy.

When recycled, they can be made into plastic lumber to make park benches and fences. Of course, they can be made into plastic bags again, but then it would be boring.

Beverage bottles, one of the most commonly used plastics in our everyday lives. From drinking water to soft drinks, or even coffee and tea.

What can they become? When plastic bottles are recycled they can be made into lots of things: t-shirts, sweaters, fleece jackets, insulation for jackets and sleeping bags, carpeting and more bottles.

It takes about 10 bottles to make enough plastic fiber to make a cool new t-shirt.

It takes 63 bottles to make a sweater.

114 bottles to make enough insulation for a sleeping bag if you like the outdoors.

Bottle caps are made from a different plastic from the bottles that they cover. These can be recycled into car batteries, storage containers, reusable shopping bags, yarn, ropes, brooms and … more bottle caps.

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